Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Saturday November 17, 2018 by Hanford Youth Baseball.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age range can play?

Boys and Girls from 4 to 12 can play Hanford Youth Baseball. We use Cal Ripken rules for age. See the current age chart in the Forms and Files area

What division will my player be in?

HYB has 7 different divisions based on age and skill. Majors 50/70, Majors 46/65, Minors, Rookies 8, Rookies 7, Farm, and T-ball. See the current bylaws for rules regarding what each division is about. Players wanting to play up a division must try out with their age group and the one-year older age group but they must be drafted up by a manager. Playing up a division is not guaranteed.

How long is the season?

Spring season starts in late January with tryouts, draft in February, and opening day in March. Games end at the end of May.

How do I register?

Registration is 100% online. All player information must be input on our website during open registration. HYB has a Facebook page that posts dates and times for the new year. Like our page to see new info. Registration is not complete until documents are submitted online or in person and the fees are paid. We have a “live registration” date to collect documents and cash or check payments. Check Facebook and the website for dates of the live registration. You still have to register online before coming to a live registration. Your player is not registered until all payments have been received. If you pay by credit card online you will be charged the credit processing fee. Cash payments have no processing fee.

Late registration periods are at the discretion of HYB.

I registered online and uploaded the birth certificate; do I need to come to a live registration?

It is highly recommended. You need to pick up raffle tickets and verify everything online is correct. Cash payments are accepted at his time. We also have sample uniform sizes to try on for the players. The process is very quick.

How many games will my kid play?

Younger kids usually have around 12 to 14 games in the season and the older kids could play 18 to 20. It depends on how many teams play in each division and how many times they play each other. We spread them out so there is about 2 to 3 games per week.

How can I volunteer or coach in the league?

HYB has a volunteer application you fill out and provide a copy of your driver’s license. We use this to background check anyone who will be in contact with kids and is not an option. Coaches and managers sign up online (much like online player registration) and provide proof of passing the coaching course.  Go to and take the youth baseball or advanced baseball course online. Coaches pay the fee but the certificate is good forever.

Who will be my kids coach?

HYB is 100% volunteer. All managers, coaches and Board members give their time to the league to help the kids. Parents and adults signup to manage and must pass a background check and be approved by the Board prior to tryouts. Managers and coaches must also complete the Cal Ripken coaching certification at the Babe Ruth website. Once approved the manager attends tryouts and draft a team. T-ball and Farm division are placed on a team by the Board and Rookies through Majors are drafted after tryouts. Draft is a closed-session and only managers and necessary Board members attend.

What is the difference between a manager and a coach?

Managers are in charge of the team. They draft the players, schedule practice, and call the shots. Coaches assist the manager and are picked by the manager. Managers cannot pick a coach by “saving a player” before draft. All kids are open at draft so if a manager really wants a certain dad to help he must draft the player at the first chance. Even then, that player could be picked prior to the manager’s first pick so it is still not a guarantee.

Why can’t managers save coaches?

HYB needs managers. Every year we have a shortage of parents willing to manage and draft a team. We have plenty of parents willing to help coach so how do we get that parent to take the next step into managing? When we do not have enough managers teams get drafted without a coach. Parents get called to say your kid has no coach so we need you to step up and help. That is a scenario we want to avoid.

Can my kids be on the same team?

HYB has a brother option you can request. It only works if the kids play in the same division. The manager has the option during draft to pick both kids back to back. We leave this to the discretion of the manager during draft and is not guaranteed.

How much does it cost to play?

The fee for registration is $142 per player. You can get $40 back by selling the raffle tickets before opening day, and $15 back by working the snack bar for a shift during the season. There is a $25 second and $35 third player discount for multiple family members.

What does the league do with the money?

The primary cost for the league each year is uniforms, baseballs, and umpires. Fund raising money goes into a general fund to be used to maintain the facility. Team equipment like catchers gear, helmets, pitching machines, and generators are replaced every few years. The City of Hanford is allowing outside organizations to invest in the park using their own money for improvement projects. Projects like new outfield fences, new bullpens, field maintenance equipment, snack bar upgrades, sod replacement, scoreboards, sprinklers, etc. HYB has invested over $125,000 in the past five or six years to upgrade the park.

Who is on the Board?

The Board members are volunteers who decided they would like to help the league run smoother. The HYB constitution is online and has detailed information about Board positions. There is a voting process to become an official Board member but there are also appointed positions that only require Board approval. The Board meets once a month in public to discuss current needs and upcoming events. Public is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. Times and locations are posted on Facebook. Board members put in a lot of hours prior to and during the season to make sure players have a great experience.

Out of District Players: If you reside in Hanford, Armona, Lemoore, Avenal, or Corcoran you are eligible to play for Hanford Youth Baseball. If you reside outside the district but attend school within the HYB district you are eligible to play for Hanford Youth Baseball.

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